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To provide cutting-edge quality logistics engineering design and consulting services, committed to customer satisfaction, commitment to the well-being of all colleagues.






Welcome to AFLUX. AFLUX is an independent consulting and engineering design company. Over the past 17 years, started as the first local team, we have grown into a China leading logistics facility & material handling system design and consulting team. Our office is in Shanghai (Pudong district).

AFLUX‘s Mission

Provide cutting-edge quality logistics engineering professional design and consulting services
Committed to high customer satisfaction
Dedicated to the well-being of all colleagues

Values Statement

Client Focused
We understand that our Clients are the reason for our existence and we dedicate our full efforts in support of our Clients’ expectations, goals, and objectives.

Ethics and Integrity

We are committed to the highest standards of ethics and integrity. We maintain and adhere to the highest standards of conduct, moral, and professional behavior, in our business and personal lives.

Goal Oriented
We are results oriented and seek to assist our Clients in the implementation of solutions that are responsive to the Project performance, schedule, and economic goals.

Teamwork and Synergy
We believe that the best results are achieved through excellent Teamwork between our Client and AFLUX’s Project Team personnel.

Relentless Pursuit of Excellence
We strive for excellence in all that we do and understand the value of maintaining a clear vision and understanding of our Client’s interests and objectives.



照料热线(TEL): 021-22817497电子邮箱(EMAIL): info@aflux.com.cn

办公地点(ADD): 上海市闵行区浦江联航线1505弄,复天浦江商务中心1号703室(201112)

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